About Us

The Curl Care Project is the brainchild of Shelley Dalton, Eugene Davis and Selina Davis. Between the three founders there is over 50 year’s worth of expertise, parenting and education within the field of Beauty. Shelley Dalton and Eugene Davis are Experts in the Field of Hairdressing from all areas including product development, session styling, recruitment, delivering education and mentoring. Both are Committee Members of the National Advisory Board for City and Guilds and play a lucrative role in setting the standards.  Selina Davis’s expertise not only include being a mother of 5 children but also within the PR and Marketing and the development of creative’s within the Fashion and Beauty Field.

Curl Care Vision:

The Curl Care Project has been developed to address the needs of individuals in inter racial families in the care system. Anyone looking after children who are from ethnic minority and mixed heritage backgrounds are continually challenged with maintaining the hair and appearance of the children under their care. Excessively curly hair needs special handling and if this is not addressed from very early stages the damage can be critical, including Alopecia and Dermatitis. In the long term this will have a hugely negative effect on a self-esteem.

For people looking after children outside of their ethnic background, this can be a daunting process, our aim is to educate and train parents, families & carers to have the skills, understanding and confidence to ensure that the children they look after all have the same experience when it comes to grooming, styling and presentation. Although children seem to be unaware of self-image, this is clearly not the case and is in fact key to building their self-confidence, emotional well-being and helping them integrate into a new environment.

Curl Care Mission

“Giving every child a HEAD start through learning to love themselves”