Hints and Tips

Curly Care (Part 1):

It is important to care for your curls to get the best from your hair so here are some simple steps to start with:

Due to the ‘dryness’ of the hair it is perceived that washing the hair frequently is ‘Bad’ for the hair and will ‘strip’ it of natural oils. Although washing too frequently means that you will spend more time styling the hair it is very important to keep the scalp healthy and fresh. Without a healthy scalp, we can’t have healthy hair.

Due to the knotty nature of the hair this can often lead to shampoo days turning into shamepoo days.

Top Tips to Cleansing Curls:

• Oil the hair with specific hair oil designed to absorb quickly into the hair, using your hands, gently detangle the hair before wetting. When you add water to very dry hair, the water absorbs too quickly and the hair then clings together and causes more knots.

• Once the hair is detangled with the fingers use a WIDE toothed comb, remember if you fingers can’t run through the hair a comb never will!

• Comb the hair from the ENDS towards the roots in small sections; this will prevent the build up of even more tangles.

Then start to wet the hair and add shampoo a little at a time, this is called ’emulsifying’ eventually you will have a enough product to cleanse the hair thoroughly – with hair products that are kind to the hair and made from more natural ingredients you will not always create suds or lather – just make sure the hair no longer has a oily coating and the debris from the scalp is all rinsed

Curly Care (Part 2):

Once you have cleansed the hair thoroughly then its time to add your conditioning products.

Blot the hair gently with a towel and use a lightweight curl enhancing leave-in conditioner or a moisturising cream.

Remember that it is important to make sure that the hair is infused with both Protein and Moisture to ensure a good balance to the hair so don’t forget to use a product containing both protein and moisture from time to time.

If you are not using a leave-in conditioner then make sure you detangle the hair with your hands and a wide toothed comb before rinsing.

Styling Options:

• Extremely curly hair will remain wet for some time, so be sure to blot lots of water from the hair with a towel first.

• One of the best styles for retaining curls and keeping the hair tidy are: two stem twist

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